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New Consultants

I am so excited to welcome you to the most amazing opportunity of your life!!! You have entered our Powerful Producing Unit as a blank canvas. If you allow yourself to learn and to be mentored with the brush strokes of Mary Kay’s pearls of wisdom and the “Mary Kay Way” of doing things, then you will very shortly be unveiled as the most beautiful work of art your eyes have ever seen!!! You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself!!! I am here to support you and your success in every way possible. Be sure to take advantage of all of your 1st Steps found in your Starting Now Magazine: FREE Retail Product with your inventory investment, your half price Personal Website, your FREE Business Announcements and more. We believe that:

We are going places we’ve never gone;

To do things we’ve never done;

To have things we’ve never hadl

So that we can be ALL that God has created us to be!!

Be sure to DREAM and when you, DREAM BIG!!